Things to think about at project close or hand-over

Every project is different according to the nature of the project (technology, premises, culture, processes or M&A) or circumstances (scale, timing, funding, sector).

Here are some things to think about at project close or hand-over

  • Support Arrangements
  • Roles to be Transferred
  • Key points for the Support Team(s)/ Knowledge Transfer
  • Customer Expectation Management/ Communication
  • Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery
  • Training Requirements
  • Product List (including SLAs)
  • Supporting documentation
  • Security Aspects
  • Security Officer Sign Off 
  • Acceptance from Support Team

Generally the key steps might be

*Project close or hand-over tasks

  • User documentation
  • Admin documentation
  • System documentation
  • Hand-over roles & responsibilities

*Stakeholders / Functions

  • Confirm what is done and what is outstanding
  • Confirm Business Continuity and/or Disaster Recovery
  • Confirm support arrangements
  • Sign Off / Acceptance  where relevant (e.g. Compliance or Security)
  • Remove access (where appropriate )
  • Archive data (where appropriate )

*Project Board / Governance

  • Project Update / Review
  • Benefits Review
  • Budget Review
  • Lessons Learned
  • Next steps

As a PRINCE2, Scrum and Agile Coach I can offer tools, tips and templates to support your project or act as Project or Quality Assurance to review and report.

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