Projects and Pizza Delivery


One important thing to consider in project management is “is it done” and for this you need deliverables and dates.

If you order a pizza you expect your chosen item to be what you asked for, and delivered within the target time.

Any commentary that the chef is having a bad day, the oven is too hot, or commentary that “..we’re 90% there, we are really optimistic about this..”  is something for the restaurant to concern themselves with but should not be part of the customer experience.

Yet somehow software vendors not only provide this minutiae but use it as an explanation and justification for additional or unexpected costs. My advice is to avoid time and materials pricing where-ever possible and either get a quote or indicative pricing with an agreement that the client be notified if at any stage the costs (or time-scale) are likely to be more than 20% above what was agreed.

Most important: Payment on delivery. And by delivery, I mean delivery of a working product (or edible pizza) that meets the pre-agreed specification and acceptance criteria.

By doing this you can be clear on, what you are getting, when you will get it, and how much it will cost with at least a “warning” and an opportunity to re-think. Rather than endless promises, invoices, and still no delivery.

In summary every PROPOSAL should be clear about…

PURPOSE (why / acceptance criteria)

PRODUCT (what / specification)

PRICE (how much / price)

PEOPLE (who for / customer)

PLAN (when)

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