Proactive Technology Implementation in Business Design

Embracing new technology and revamping business models is akin to steering a ship: it’s wiser to proactively set the course rather than reacting to turbulent waters. For organizations, the clear delineation of roles, objectives, controls, workflows, and responsibilities is paramount, especially in the face of technological integration.

In scenarios where business processes are predominantly manual and dictated by individual personalities, hurdles inevitably arise during technology procurement and deployment. This is because technology inherently demands explicit rules, well-defined processes, streamlined workflows, and, most importantly, individuals who are both accountable and responsible.

There are two primary domains where clarity is essential:

1. Design: This encompasses setting the standards, determining the process, finalizing the format, and laying out the structure.

2. Operation: Here, the emphasis is on the stages of input, processing, and output.

Organizations often confront these issues during the implementation phase, usually under pressure from IT vendors urging swift decisions. The ticking clock, coupled with rising costs, can induce panic. However, there’s an alternative: address these concerns *prior* to implementation.

Being proactive rather than reactive presents multiple benefits:

Cost-Efficiency: It saves money in the long run, as decisions made in haste often result in wastage and redundancies.

Time Management: Proactivity means you’re less likely to be rushed into decisions that may not align with the organization’s best interests.

Reduced Stress: Pre-empting challenges reduces the overall anxiety associated with tech integrations.

Clearer Outcomes: With a defined path, expected results are more likely to align with the actual output.

Furthermore, addressing these areas before tech implementation offers a golden opportunity: it allows organizations to revisit and potentially refine their organizational design and operational “ways of working”. Instead of it being a hurried, reactive afterthought (often pushed by an IT vendor keen on quickly delivering and moving to their next assignment), this proactive approach places the organization’s unique needs and goals at the forefront.

Remember, most IT suppliers are mainly focused on delivering their product. They may not be deeply invested in understanding the nuances of your business model, the services you offer, the well-being of your employees, or the satisfaction of your customers. Thus, taking control and steering the ship in anticipation of technological advancements ensures not only smoother seas but also a journey that is aligned with the organization’s true north.

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