Creating the capacity for change – Got some spare time? (Good!)

In the dynamic landscape of organizational change, the transformation of the Ports of Jersey has been a pivotal project in my understanding and experience of the path to successful change management. This journey from a public sector entity to a thriving, integrated company underscores a vital principle: the necessity of creating capacity for change.

As a consultant and project manager, I’ve learned that change is not just an item on the agenda; it’s the agenda itself. The transformation journey at the Ports of Jersey, from integrating harbors and airports to altering its legal status, was a testament to this. The pivotal move? Senior management, led by then-CEO Doug Bannister, made a conscious effort to create space in their schedules for managing this change.

This approach had a dual impact. Firstly, it fostered a culture of delegation and trust, encouraging leaders to pass down responsibilities that could be better handled at different levels. This not only empowered teams but also cleared leadership decks for strategic thinking and decision-making.

Secondly, it highlighted the need for leaders to have the mental bandwidth to navigate the complexities of change. In an environment where being perpetually busy is often misinterpreted as a sign of indispensability, this shift in mindset was crucial. It emphasized that effective leadership is about being the architect of change, not just a cog in the machine.

However, this strategy was initially met with resistance. The misconception that spare capacity equates to redundancy had to be addressed. The realignment focused on the understanding that having the time to think, deliberate, and decide is a greater asset to leadership than constant busyness.

As the project manager for this transformation, I observed that without creating room for change, the success we achieved would have been unattainable. The unanimous support for the project upon completion was a testament to the effectiveness of our approach.

So, what can organizations take from this? Begin by carving out space for change. This January, let your first task be to clear a portion of your schedule specifically for managing and adapting to change. Treat it not as an add-on but as a fundamental component of your strategy. If change is just another block on your already teetering tower of tasks, the structure is bound to collapse.

Suggested Tasks/Habits:

  1. Weekly Reflection: Dedicate time each week to reflect on change initiatives and their progress.
  2. Delegate Effectively: Identify tasks that can be delegated to create space for strategic thinking.
  3. Stakeholder Engagement: Regularly engage with stakeholders to align visions and address concerns.

Remember, change managed well is not just an alteration of what is, but a gateway to what could be.

Tim HJ Rogers
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