Documentation and getting the balance right.

Some folks revel in the fine details, while others favor a more concise approach. You might be someone who appreciates thorough documentation, or maybe a meaningful conversation is more your style. Ultimately, the value lies in what the client desires and is willing to invest in. Some may appreciate extensive documentation, whereas others might prefer a straightforward discussion.

This is the reason I’ve compiled a selection menu – I’m eager to discover what resonates with you. I’m in the process of designing a picklist for clients to precisely indicate their preferences regarding deliverables.

What suggestions do you have for additions or removals from these lists?


  1. Project Initiation Document: A foundational overview that outlines the project’s objectives, scope, and stakeholders.
  2. Business Case: Documents the justification for the project based on its estimated cost, benefits, and risks.
  3. Project Plan with Tasks, Milestones, and Dates: A detailed schedule listing all project activities, key milestones, and their respective timelines.
  4. Risks, Assumptions, Issues, and Dependencies Log: A comprehensive record tracking potential risks, assumed conditions, current issues, and project dependencies.
  5. Weekly Project Update: A summary report detailing completed tasks, ongoing activities, upcoming tasks, and any emerging issues.
  6. Monthly Steering Committee Report: A high-level update for sponsors and major stakeholders, summarizing project status, achievements, and challenges.
  7. Vendor Meeting Coordination: Facilitation of discussions with suppliers to align on design decisions and the delivery of required components.
  8. Weekly Communications Update: A regular update, possibly in the form of a newsletter or infographic, summarizing key project news and progress.
  9. Budget Update: A financial report detailing current spending against the project budget, highlighting any variances.


  1. Product Description: Details the characteristics, purpose, and criteria of the project’s deliverables.
  2. Change Log: Records all requested changes and their status, helping manage project scope and changes effectively.
  3. Quality Register: Lists all planned quality checks, outcomes, and actions taken to ensure deliverable meets defined standards.
  4. Lessons Log: A repository of lessons learned throughout the project, used to improve future projects.


  1. Product Backlog: An ordered list of everything that might be needed in the product, prioritized by value to the customer.
  2. Sprint Backlog: A set of items selected from the Product Backlog to be completed during the sprint, along with a plan for delivering the product Increment and realizing the Sprint Goal.
  3. Product Increment: The sum of all the Product Backlog items completed during a sprint and all previous sprints, which must be in a usable condition.
  4. Definition of Done (DoD): A clear and concise list of criteria that the product increment must meet to be considered complete.

Tim HJ Rogers

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I support people and teams to grow, perform and succeed unlocking potential as a partner Consultant, Coach, Project and Change Manager

Together we can deliver projects and change, and improve the confidence, capacity, drive and desire of the people I work with.

ICF Trained Coach | MBA Management Consultant | PRINCE2 Project Manager, Agile Scrum Master | AMPG Change Practitioner | Mediation Practitioner | BeTheBusiness Mentor | 4 x GB Gold Medalist | First Aid for Mental Health | Certificate in Applied Therapeutic Skills


My approach is to blend my expertise [Consultant, Coach, Project and Change Manager] with the strengths of our partners, ensuring that we consistently deliver high-quality, tailored solutions to our clients. My Associate approach not only fosters a dynamic and collaborative environment but also maximizes the value we deliver to our clients and partners alike. There is an optimum combination of factors or qualities which help people and organisations transform. It is a blend of listening, challenging and sharing and comes from expertise, experience, curiosity and a passion to perform. I deliver projects and change, and improve the confidence, capacity, drive and desire of the people I work with.

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