Marketing and Comms – The AIDA model

I’m putting together a course specifically for charities and non-profits. This piece is part of a collection of materials that you can get as handouts, but I’ve also posted it online because even though it was made for the Building Value program, it could be useful for lots more people.

Imagine you’re trying to convince someone to support a good cause. The AIDA model is like a roadmap that helps you grab their attention, keep them interested, make them really want to help, and then actually get them to do something, like donate.

So, here’s how it works:

  1. Attention: First, you need to catch their eye. Maybe you use a cool poster or a social media post with a catchy headline about your charity.
  2. Interest: Now that you’ve got their attention, you tell them something interesting or show them a video that makes them want to learn more about your cause.
  3. Desire: After they’re interested, you make them care about the cause. You share stories or facts that hit close to home, making them really want to help.
  4. Action: Finally, you tell them exactly how they can help. This could be by donating money, volunteering their time, or spreading the word to others.

Example: Let’s say there’s a charity that helps homeless pets. First, they post an adorable photo of a dog on social media to grab your attention. Then, they share a story about the dog’s journey and how they’re helping him find a home, which makes you interested. They stir up your desire to help by explaining how many pets are in need and how your support can make a real difference. Finally, they encourage you to donate, volunteer, or adopt, giving you a clear way to take action and help out.

By following these steps, charities and non-profits can connect with people more effectively and inspire them to support their causes.