A good leadership pledge

For Leadership Jersey Kevin Keen wrote…

At Leadership Jersey we have been thinking about a good leadership pledge that like minded people could publicly sign up to. Five or six clear & simple commitments that would be easy to understand and that the people we work with could hold us to every day.
Things like:
1) I will lead by example.
2) I will encourage feedback from the people I am responsible and act on it.
3) I will communicate clearly and promptly, good news and bad.

What would you include in a leadership pledge?

These are my thoughts (with source / reference links below)

Our Commitments

1. Act with Integrity and Honesty: Always be truthful and transparent in our actions and decisions, avoiding conflicts of interest.

2. Prioritize Public Interest: Put the needs of the community and public good above personal gain in all our decisions.

3. Promote Fairness and Respect: Treat everyone equitably, with courtesy and without discrimination, valuing diversity and inclusion.

4. Ensure Accountability and Openness: Be responsible for our actions and decisions, open to scrutiny, and transparent in our communications.

5. Lead by Example: Demonstrate ethical behavior and decision-making, promoting these values within our organization and challenging poor behavior.

6. Commit to Sustainability and Community: Engage in sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact and actively contribute to the welfare of our local communities.

Consolidated Principles for Directors

Directors are expected to uphold the highest standards of conduct, encompassing the following principles:

1. Selflessness: Act solely in the public interest, prioritizing the common good over personal gain.

2. Integrity: Maintain independence by avoiding obligations to individuals or organizations that might influence decisions inappropriately. Disclose and resolve any conflicts of interest transparently.

3. Objectivity: Make decisions impartially, fairly, and based on merit, supported by the best available evidence and free from discrimination or bias.

4. Accountability: Be accountable to the public and stakeholders for actions and decisions, submitting to necessary scrutiny to ensure transparency.

5. Openness: Conduct activities in an open and transparent manner, withholding information only when there are clear and lawful reasons.

6. Honesty: Be truthful in all communications and dealings.

7. Leadership: Exhibit and promote these principles through personal behavior and decision-making. Challenge and address poor behavior wherever it occurs.

8. Public Service: Act in the best interests of the public body, fulfilling its core tasks and mission.

9. Respect: Treat fellow members and employees with courtesy and respect, recognizing their roles and contributions.

Business Conduct Principles

1. Leading by Example: Demonstrate exemplary behavior in personal conduct and decision-making.

2. Responsible Business: Integrate ethical and sustainable practices into business decisions, considering societal and environmental impacts.

3. Fair Treatment of Suppliers: Ensure fairness in dealings with suppliers and business partners, encompassing decent terms of business, selection, communication, and partnering.

4. Quality Products and Services: Provide high-quality products and services, prioritizing consumer and client satisfaction through good products, service, effective sales, marketing, and efficient dispute resolution.

5. Employee Well-being: Ensure fair treatment and adequate rewards for employees, promoting fair reward, treatment, inclusion, and transparent communication.

6. Environmental Responsibility: Minimize environmental impact through sustainable practices, focusing on reducing carbon emissions, energy consumption, paper usage, and travel footprint.

7. Corporate Citizenship: Engage positively with local communities and contribute to their welfare through philanthropic initiatives, community involvement, participation in local politics, and contributing to the local economy.

Core Values

1. Fairness: Treat everyone equitably, without discrimination or bias.
2. Transparency: Communicate, act, and make decisions openly, honestly, and clearly.
3. Accountability: Take personal responsibility for actions and their consequences.

By adhering to these principles, directors can foster trust, integrity, and ethical behavior within their organizations and the wider community.


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