I’m thrilled to share that I have some fantastic podcasts lined up! This project is a personal endeavour to engage in fascinating conversations with intriguing individuals. These discussions are unscripted and free of any agenda—we’re not trying to sell products or promote ideas. It’s simply about my curiosity to learn more about various topics. Every subject is captivating, made even more so by the passion, intellect, courage, and character of the people I meet. I’m especially excited about the following upcoming episodes.

Evan Smith

Evan is the CEO and Founder of Cicada (Jersey) Limited [who received the first license to grow cannabis in the British isles in 20 years]. I find the discussion around cannabis fascinating, especially his interest in Six Sigma business improvements, measures that matter, and performance enhancement. Cannabis, both as a product and an industry, is intriguing. Additionally, the enhancement of processing performance through methods like Kaizen, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Management are captivating components. It’s impressive to see this expertise combined in one person who is a challenging, passionate, and articulate leader in his field. I believe it’s going to be a truly fascinating and enjoyable discussion.

Phil Romeril

Phil established his own successful pharmacy business. He is the chair of Family Nursing and Home Care, an incredibly important component of the island community, providing care to many Islanders. Additionally, he has collaborated with Joe Dickinson and played a key role in the rollout of Call and Check. Joe Dickinson was one of my speakers when I was a curator for TEDx StHelier. Phil is also one of the founding members of the Jersey Policy Centre. I am very much looking forward to discussing social change, care, charity, and community with Phil. This promises to be an interesting conversation with a thoughtful individual who has been at the forefront of social change in Jersey.

Mark Ward

Mark Ward’s LinkedIn profile may be brief, but it succinctly highlights his role as Commercial Director of Smart IT and Smart IT Recruitment, focusing on growing businesses and unlocking their potential. However, when you get the chance to talk with him, you’ll discover there’s much more to his story.

Mark’s true passion lies in history, particularly Russian history. He is an independent thinker, adept at providing context in discussions. Having traveled and lived in various countries, he brings a wealth of diverse experiences, perspectives, and values.

There are many IT management and change consultancies in Jersey, but Mark’s business stands out. While I can’t pinpoint exactly why, it likely has to do with his unique values and perspectives. I’m eager to delve into what makes his approach different, from his selection process to his promotion strategies.

I’m looking forward to exploring these themes during our podcast, as Mark’s insights promise to be both intriguing and enlightening.

I will be announcing some more, very soon!

Ed Jewell

Ed is the Chief Librarian for Jersey Library Services and the President of Libraries Connected. He believes that libraries are engines for opportunity at the heart of communities, providing access to learning, information, health & wellbeing, creativity, and enterprise.

When I see Ed, we’ll undoubtedly discuss the role of books and book clubs, which have greatly influenced my thinking and perspectives. However, Ed’s impact goes beyond books. His charitable work and interest in social care and welfare highlight the library’s role as a hub for social connection, communication, and collaboration within the community.

I am very much looking forward to exploring Ed’s journey, the evolution of library services, and the significant impact of his work on community development. This promises to be a truly enlightening and enjoyable conversation.

Tony Lockwood

Tony is a Global Transformation Strategist, renowned for his expertise in engineering change success and empowering organizational transformation. He is the author of the “Transformation Leaders Body of Knowledge” and the creator of the “Transformation Canvas,” a tool designed to help visualize and execute change strategies effectively.

Tony’s passion for collective wisdom led him to establish The Transformation Leaders Hub, a dynamic community for professionals dedicated to change and transformation. This platform offers the latest transformative tools, practices, and methodologies, empowering members with cutting-edge insights.

I am very much looking forward to discussing organizational change, strategic alignment, and community-driven transformation with Tony. This promises to be an enlightening conversation with a thought leader who is at the forefront of transformational change.

Indeed we may do a whole series together, based on his excellent TRANSFORMATION CANVAS – Aligned to the Transformation Leaders Body of Knowledge (TLBoK) Framework.

Episode 1: Developing Skills and Talent Strategies
Episode 2: Embracing Digital Transformation
Episode 3: Shaping Organizational Culture and Communication
Episode 4: Designing an Effective Operating Model
Episode 5: Defining a Vision for Transformation
Episode 6: Identifying Key Stakeholders and Building Partnerships
Episode 7: Exploring Current and Future Business Models
Episode 8: Ensuring Transformation Assurance
Episode 9: Monitoring Financial Performance for Sustainable Growth

Andrew Le Seelleur MBE

I had the pleasure of working with Andrew at RBS, and he was one of my guest speakers when I curated TEDx St. Helier. During his TEDx talk, Andrew shared his passion for charitable endeavors, including founding Wetwheels, which later earned him an MBE. His dedication to community change, social responsibility, and engagement is truly inspiring.

Andrew is a strong advocate for mental health and remains actively involved in various charities. Professionally, he is an accountant in Jersey’s finance sector, where he leverages data analytics tools like Alteryx and explores automation and AI to improve efficiency and profitability.

This blend of expertise in finance and technology, combined with his commitment to community and kindness, makes Andrew a fascinating individual. His deep understanding of numbers and technology, alongside his humanitarian efforts, offers a unique perspective on balancing professional success with social responsibility.

I am very much looking forward to our conversation, as it promises to be both insightful and inspiring.

Eliot Lincoln

Eliot is my former boss and played a pivotal role in my transition from manager and project manager to consultant. He founded Greenlight Consulting, a successful business that thrived and was eventually acquired by BDO. Now, he’s back to his roots: management consulting.
What fascinates me about Eliot is his entrepreneurial journey—starting, growing, and selling businesses, then starting anew. There are valuable lessons in the challenges of setting up, expanding, and managing businesses, as well as deciding what to do next.

Consulting and project management are Eliot’s core passions and skills, and I’m eager to delve into his experiences. Beyond business, he’s deeply involved in the community. He was IoD Director of the Year, a nomination I proudly submitted during my tenure at Greenlight. His involvement extends to the Chamber of Commerce and various local initiatives, making him a well-connected and influential figure.

Eliot is also a competitive and successful athlete, balancing business, family, and personal interests. We’ll likely discuss time management, work-life balance, and how he meets the diverse expectations of stakeholders, from suppliers and clients to family and sports. Eliot’s ability to manage it all is impressive and worth exploring.