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About the Good Business Charter


The Good Business Charter is a simple accreditation which organisations of all sizes in the UK can apply for in recognition of responsible business practices. Accredited organisations include FTSE100 companies, partnerships, local authorities, universities, SMEs, charities and sole traders. An organisation must meet all 10 commitments to receive GBC Accreditation.

The 10 Components

1. Real living wage
2. Employee well being
3. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
4. Fair tax
5. Ethical sourcing
6. Fairer hours and contracts
7. Employee representation
8. Environmental responsibility
9. Commitment to customers
10. Prompt Payment to Suppliers

Sadly although I endorse and follow the standards set by the Good Business Charter I cannot be accredited because my business is registered in Jersey. Nonetheless I will follow the principles and seek accreditation with the Jersey Good Business Charter as soon as possible.



The Jersey Good Business Charter is an initiative that highlights, celebrates and encourages the contribution of businesses in Jersey to building a better community and a better world.

The Charter is a standard of excellent business practice for companies with a presence in the island of Jersey. We operate independent of government and as a not-for-profit entity, drawing expertise on an honorary basis from the business community.

The Charter is governed by a Board, who are advised by a Council, and supported by an Executive Director.

The Charter Mark is then awarded by our Board to those Associate Member businesses that can demonstrate against a series of standards that they are serious about business ethics and corporate social responsibility, focusing on the impact of business on its people, supply chain, community, future generations and the planet.

Adapt Consulting Company

I am an advocate of the Good Business Charter and happy to share key documents for the purposes of transparency and alignment with the aims and intent of the Good Business Charter.

Good Business Agreement Licence.pdf
Good Business Application.pdf
Good Business Busines Plan.pdf
Good Business Commitment to Customers Policy.pdf
Good Business Eco-Active Submission 2024.pdf
Good Business Eco-Active.pdf
Good Business Employee Representation Policy.pdf
Good Business Employee well being.pdf
Good Business environmental legislation assessment JB 20151007.pdf
Good Business Environmental Responsibility Policy.pdf
Good Business Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.pdf
Good Business Ethical Sourcing and Suppliers.pdf
Good Business Fairer Hours and Contracts Policy.pdf
Good Business Prompt Payment to Suppliers Policy.pdf

As a supporter of the Good Business Charter and its principles, I am committed to upholding its values in my business practices. I have outlined my dedication to these principles on this page, and I intend to uphold them through the implementation of policies, procedures, and actions within my organization.

Accountability is essential, and I believe that everyone within my business should be held accountable for adhering to these principles. If there are any instances where my business falls short in upholding these standards, I encourage you to bring it to my attention. We are all human, and mistakes can happen. It is through constructive feedback that we can learn and improve.

I strongly advocate for fair pay for quality work, for consultants, clients, colleagues, and the community. Our collective efforts aim to deliver exceptional products while considering the well-being of our planet and staying true to our purpose. If there are any elements within these documents that could benefit your business in adopting similar practices, please feel free to utilize, adapt, and share them. I welcome any improvements you may suggest, as they provide valuable learning opportunities for me. Thank you for your collaboration in striving towards a more responsible and ethical business environment.
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