Charity Building Values Initiative

Here are detailed lesson plans for each of the 10 workshops as part of the Charity Building Values Initiative, structured into 4-hour sessions. Each plan includes a course title, learning objective, a breakdown of time with topics or activities, and assignments for further learning.

These lesson plans are designed to ensure that each workshop is comprehensive and actionable, allowing participants to not only gain critical knowledge but also apply what they learn in practical, real-world contexts. These plans include a mix of theoretical learning, practical application, expert insights, and interactive participation to maximize engagement and effectiveness.

Workshop One: Charity Excellence Overview
Course Title: Charity Excellence Overview
Learning Objective: Understand the basics of the Charity Excellence Programme, the importance of charities, and key leadership principles in nonprofit management.
Time + Topic / Activity:
30 mins: Introduction to the Charity Excellence Programme
60 mins: Role and impact of charities in the community
60 mins: Leadership and productivity in charitable organizations
60 mins: Guest Speaker Insights into personal transformation and leadership
30 mins: Group discussion and interaction
Homework / Assignment: Prepare a short presentation on how the principles learned could be applied to their charity.

Workshop Two: Strategic Thinking and Planning
Course Title: Strategic Thinking and Planning
Learning Objective: Learn to align organizational mission with strategic planning to achieve long-term success.
Time + Topic / Activity:
30 mins: Review of organizational missions and their purposes
60 mins: Techniques for effective strategic planning
60 mins: Workshop on building alliances and identifying strategic allies
60 mins: Guest Speaker Incorporating personal journeys into strategic plans
30 mins: Practical exercises in strategic planning
Homework / Assignment: Draft a strategic plan outline for their organization.

Workshop Three: Purpose-Led Leadership
Course Title: Purpose-Led Leadership
Learning Objective: Explore effective leadership styles and strategies for motivating teams and managing volunteers.
Time + Topic / Activity:
60 mins: Discussion on virtues of effective leadership
60 mins: Techniques for motivating and managing volunteers
30 mins: Handling difficult conversations in leadership
60 mins: Guest Speaker Inspiring service through empathy and ethics
30 mins: Leadership style assessment and feedback
Homework / Assignment: Reflect on their leadership style and write a plan for improvement.

Workshop Four: Financial Management
Course Title: Financial Management
Learning Objective: Gain skills in accounting, budgeting, fundraising, and financial compliance.
Time + Topic / Activity:
60 mins: Basics of nonprofit accounting and budgeting
60 mins: Fundraising strategies and financial reporting
60 mins: Guest Speaker Corporate governance and attracting investment
30 mins: Case studies on financial management
30 mins: Interactive Q&A and problem-solving
Homework / Assignment: Create a budget proposal for an upcoming project.

Workshop Five: Marketing and Communications
Course Title: Marketing and Communications
Learning Objective: Develop strategies for effective branding, storytelling, and digital outreach.
Time + Topic / Activity:
60 mins: Developing branding strategies
60 mins: Storytelling for effective communication
30 mins: Creating a comprehensive marketing plan
60 mins: Guest Speaker Utilizing digital media for outreach
30 mins: Practical application workshop
Homework / Assignment: Develop a marketing campaign for their organization.

Workshop Six: Project Management
Course Title: Project Management
Learning Objective: Learn to manage projects efficiently using appropriate tools and risk management techniques.
Time + Topic / Activity:
60 mins: Overview of project management structures and tools
60 mins: Risk management strategies
30 mins: Developing efficient project plans
60 mins: Guest Speaker Governance and application in projects
30 mins: Group project planning session
Homework / Assignment: Outline a project plan for a small initiative.

Workshop Seven: Building Teams
Course Title: Building Teams
Learning Objective: Understand team dynamics, conflict resolution, and strategies for building effective teams.
Time + Topic / Activity:
60 mins: Exploring team roles and dynamics
60 mins: Conflict resolution strategies
30 mins: Understanding personal leadership styles
60 mins: Guest Speaker Creating harmony within teams
30 mins: Team-building exercises
Homework / Assignment: Develop a team management strategy for their department or group.

Workshop Eight: Effective Decision Making
Course Title: Effective Decision Making
Learning Objective: Master the techniques for making informed, ethical, and effective decisions.
Time + Topic / Activity:
60 mins: Techniques for data analysis and decision making
60 mins: Managing ideation and overcoming decision-making fears
30 mins: Workshop on simplifying complex decisions
60 mins: Guest Speaker Ethical decision-making frameworks
30 mins: Practical decision-making scenarios and group discussions
Homework / Assignment: Analyze a past decision made within their organization, discuss its impact, and propose any improvements using the techniques learned.

Workshop Nine: Donor and Supporter Engagement
Course Title: Donor and Supporter Engagement
Learning Objective: Develop strategies to enhance engagement and build long-term relationships with donors and supporters.
Time + Topic / Activity:
60 mins: Strategies for effective donor engagement
60 mins: Communicating effectively with supporters
30 mins: Workshop on converting transactional donors to relational supporters
60 mins: Guest Speaker Best practices in long-term relationship management
30 mins: Role-playing exercises in donor interactions
Homework / Assignment: Create a donor engagement plan with specific strategies for improving donor retention.

Workshop Ten: Sustainability and Growth
Course Title: Sustainability and Growth
Learning Objective: Understand global trends impacting the nonprofit sector and strategies for sustainable growth.
Time + Topic / Activity:
60 mins: Analyzing global mega-trends and their impact on nonprofits
60 mins: Strategies for making a meaningful impact in the community
30 mins: Workshop on sustainable growth and action planning
60 mins: Guest Speaker Implementing sustainable practices in organizations
30 mins: Group discussion on turning learning into actionable change
Homework / Assignment: Draft a sustainability plan that addresses at least three areas of growth for their organization based on the workshop insights.