The Good Leader Podcast


“The Good Leader” podcast aims to shed light on the unique dynamics and challenges faced by leaders operating within tight-knit societies like Jersey and other Crown Dependencies. While there is an abundance of resources focusing on leadership in broader contexts, the intricacies of leadership within microcosms such as island communities often go overlooked. We are keen to explore how these environments shape leadership paradigms and influence the fabric of society.

“The Good Leader” further narrows this focus by delving into the sectors of charities, commerce, and community, aiming to uncover the innovative, ethical, and practical approaches these leaders employ to foster value, drive change, and enhance community resilience. Through candid conversations and insightful interviews, we aim to unravel the complexities of leadership within the socio-economic landscape of island communities and inspire action and growth within our audience.

Our podcast seeks to amplify the voices of unsung heroes—leaders who drive change within small businesses, charities, and local communities. We believe that your unique perspective and experiences would undoubtedly contribute to our exploration of leadership within island communities.


The process is simple because it’s an audio podcast we can literally meet you at your offices at a work café or have a zoom or teams record the conversation were necessary we edit it and if there are too many umms and ahhhs or you say something that you later reflect on and don’t want to share you have total control over the process prior to publication.

Once published it will be available by apple itunes and other podcast sites. There is also an option to record the podcast as a video if you want to meet in person that can be quite fun very entertaining and allows you to share images that we can include.

For either podcast we can also include links to your website papers books or other reference material that you would like to include to support the discussion


(We don’t have to stick to these and we welcome suggestions)

1. Reflecting on your leadership journey, could you share a pivotal moment that reshaped your approach to leading in a small island context?

2. How do you navigate the unique challenges of problem-solving and decision-making in the closely- knit communities of small islands?

3. What piece of advice have you found invaluable in your role, and how do you pass this wisdom on to others within your sector?

4. In your view, what are some common misconceptions about leading in the charity, commerce, or community sector on a small island, and how do you address these?

5. Can you discuss a time when a perceived failure turned into a significant learning opportunity for you and your organization?

6. Change is constant. How do you maintain adaptability and openness to change in your professional and personal life within a small island community?

7. How has your definition of success evolved, and what does it currently mean to you in the context of your work on the island?

8. Could you share a habit or practice that has significantly boosted your effectiveness or well-being in your leadership role?

9. From your unique perspective, how do your skills or experiences provide a fresh viewpoint on leadership and teamwork in small island settings?

10. Looking ahead, what change or development in your field excites or concerns you, especially considering the future of small island communities?


Simon Nash

Simon Nash is an experienced leader, speaker and writer in the intersection of people and ideas at work. Simon works with businesses in Jersey to solve problems of growth. This can be about growing in size, scale, headcount, productivity, efficiency, profitability or quality.

Tim Rogers

Tim has a unique combination of skills and qualifications in change, projects and performance. He is an ICF trained coach, an IoD Mentor and Mediation Practitioner. These stills are useful for facilitation, consultation and creating collaborative working environments. Tim is also a PRINCE2 Project Manager and APMG Change Practitioner, and Management Consultant (MBA) used to delivering complex people, process and technology change. Tim has considerable experience working with government as PM for the Incorporation of Jersey Post and Ports of Jersey, and as former member of Public Accounts Committee. His current engagements include Chair of the Land Data Management Platform (Technical Steering Committee).