What is a catalytic project manager?

I am always curious about people who hire full-time project managers in some apparent expectation that the role demands 37.5 hours per week exactly, not matter the scale, quantity, complexity or duration of the project(s)

Would you get better value from a part-time project manager?

In my experience most projects can be run on 2 to 3 days per week depending on the stage of the project. Initial set-up including contract, governance, planning can be quite demanding, as can testing, acceptance and hand-over.

However, the mid-section of discuss, decide, document and delivery seldom demands more than 17-18 hours per week, not least because the client has business-as-usual to attend to and the vendor needs to be spending more time on coding and config than communication.

Project management is essential for monitoring and managing performance, progress, productivity and the delivery of the product. But the most time should be spent on “getting it done” meaning that the project manager should get out of the way and let people get on with the task.

This does not devalue project management, but it can significantly reduce the cost if you can literally half your project management costs and still have good governance, budget controls, and managed delivery to exact target and specifications.

The role of project management is to support, facilitate and encourage upskilling the people and processes to ensure success of the organisation and growth of the people (competence, confidence capacity and desire) beyond the duration of the project.  Good project management is a catalyst for transformational change.

The point of a catalyst is to use it sparingly and effectively: “catalyst, in chemistry, any substance that increases the rate of a reaction without itself being consumed”

A catalytic converter filters out harmful byproducts in the exhaust gases and burns them up. And while the main function of a catalytic converter is to reduce harmful emissions, it also improves your car’s efficiency

A catalytic project manager is one who both ensures good governance, project delivery and also improves your people, process, product and performance.

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