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UK IoD Business Mentoring Service Resources

These files are part of Build Back Better programme, originally from UK IoD Business Mentoring Service.

BBB.Applying external learnings to part of your business.pdf
BBB.Assess whether your technology will support business growth.pdf
BBB.Assessing your own strengths and weaknesses.pdf
BBB.Breaking ambitious goals down into manageable targets.pdf
BBB.Build an online presence for your business.pdf
BBB.Build stronger relationships with loyal customers.pdf
BBB.Building a network from scratch.pdf
BBB.Building your trust in employees.pdf
BBB.Calculating the ROI from implementing new technology.pdf
BBB.Choose a business process that could be automated.pdf
BBB.Collecting data to improve your business.pdf
BBB.Communicating your vision for success to employees.pdf
BBB.Create an environment to improve leadership.pdf
BBB.Create career paths for your employees.pdf
BBB.Create your companys future leaders.pdf
BBB.Creating a cash flow forecast to navigate unpredictable times.pdf
BBB.Creating a culture of effective communication.pdf
BBB.Creating a roadmap to evolve as a leader.pdf
BBB.Creating a set of company values.pdf
BBB.Creating an effective remote workforce.pdf
BBB.Creating effective targets for your employees.pdf
BBB.Decide which digital sales channels will work best for your business.pdf
BBB.Define what success looks like for your business.pdf
BBB.Define which business needs digital tools could support.pdf
BBB.Defining your USP.pdf
BBB.Develop the right approach to health and wellbeing.pdf
BBB.Develop your digital skills as a leader.pdf
BBB.Develop your goal setting and planning routine.pdf
BBB.Developing a new product or service.pdf
BBB.Developing a recruitment process for scale.pdf
BBB.Discover if part of your business needs more support.pdf
BBB.Embed your USP in your company culture.pdf
BBB.Empower your best people to do more.pdf
BBB.Encouraging employees to give feedback on company leadership.pdf
BBB.Establish your company culture.pdf
BBB.Figuring out what new roles can plug skills gaps.pdf
BBB.Filling the skill gaps in your business.pdf
BBB.Identify a new target customer.pdf
BBB.Identify your core product to scale.pdf
BBB.Identifying communication barriers in your business.pdf
BBB.Identifying growth opportunities in your current customer base.pdf
BBB.Identifying which digital tasks should be outsourced.pdf
BBB.Improve communication within your team.pdf
BBB.Improve the way you performance manage staff.pdf
BBB.Improve your employee appraisals process.pdf
BBB.Improve your hiring and onboarding.pdf
BBB.Improving an outdated process.pdf
BBB.Improving your accountability as a leader.pdf
BBB.Increasing overall staff engagement.pdf
BBB.Introducing an incentive scheme.pdf
BBB.Knowing when its the right time to scale your business.pdf
BBB.Learning to prioritise your internal strategies.pdf
BBB.Learning to recognise warning signs in your business.pdf
BBB.Leverage your online presence to grow your customer base.pdf
BBB.Leveraging research to understand the business landscape.pdf
BBB.Make a decision about which technology is right for your business.pdf
BBB.Making an informed decision about investing in your business.pdf
BBB.Making your vision and values part of your culture WixSndh.pdf
BBB.Managing a challenging member of staff.pdf
BBB.Marketing to a new customer person.pdf
BBB.Measuring whether an internal process is still fit for purpose.pdf
BBB.Nurturing your support network over time.pdf
BBB.Planning finances during periods of growth.pdf
BBB.Predict future trends in your market.pdf
BBB.Predicting which skill sets you will need to develop.pdf
BBB.Preparing for a new investment in technology.pdf
BBB.Set a research question to shape data collection.pdf
BBB.Setting expectations during delegation.pdf
BBB.Setting marketing goals and analysing results.pdf
BBB.Sharing company financial information with employees.pdf
BBB.Streamline your sales process.pdf
BBB.Taking action to overcome a problem in your business.pdf
BBB.Turn your staff into brand advocates.pdf
BBB.Understanding where you add the most value as a leader.pdf
BBB.Using data and feedback to shape your business planning 1.pdf
BBB.Using data to inform decision making at your business.pdf


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IoD UK Mentor - Tim Rogers.pdf
UK IoD Mentor Module-01 Contracting the Mentoring Relationship.pdf
UK IoD Mentor Module-02 Building Trust and Rapport.pdf
UK IoD Mentor Module-03 The Power of Great Questions.pdf
UK IoD Mentor Module-04 How to really listen to someone – Generative attention.pdf
UK IoD Mentor Module-05 Appreciative Inquiry .pdf
UK IoD Mentor Module-06 Assumptions & Beliefs.pdf
UK IoD Mentor Module-07 Goal Setting.pdf
UK IoD Mentor Module-08 What if the relationship is not working?.pdf
UK IoD Mentor Module-09 Expanding horizons in mentoring.pdf
UK IoD Mentor Module-10 Endings.pdf



Build Back Better - Goals.pdf
Build Back Better - People.pdf
Build Back Better - Privacy.pdf
Build Back Better - Products.pdf
Build Back Better - Purpose.pdf
Build Back Better - Tim Rogers.pdf


We are committed to doing everything we can to help businesses through this challenging time and actively supporting recovery and rebuilding. Mentoring is a fantastic way for productive companies to share what works with business owners. If you own or lead a small or medium-sized business and would welcome some help and support over the next few months, please get in contact.


Phase 1 - We offer 12 x 1-2 hour mentoring sessions to identify where we can help - ostensibly a free health check

Phase 2 - We offer paid-for consultancy and mentoring to remedy any gaps or deliver specific requirements

Phase 3 - We offer paid-for retainer to be available as a NED / Coach / Consultant on an ongoing basis


1. STRUCTURE Structure is the way in which a company is organized – chain of command and accountability relationships that form its organizational chart.

2. STRATEGY Strategy refers to a well-curated business plan that allows the company to formulate a plan of action to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, reinforced by the company’s mission and values.

3. SYSTEMS Systems entail the business and technical infrastructure of the company that establishes workflows and the chain of decision-making.

4. SKILLS Skills form the capabilities and competencies of a company that enables its employees to achieve its objectives.

5. STYLE The attitude of senior employees in a company establishes a code of conduct through their ways of interactions and symbolic decision-making, which forms the management style of its leaders.

6. STAFF Staff involves talent management and all human resources related to company decisions, such as training, recruiting, and rewards systems

7. SHARED VALUES The mission, objectives, and values form the foundation of every organization and play an important role in aligning all key elements to maintain an effective organizational design.


The above can be extended beyond mentoring into consultancy or even mentoring and would offer tools, templates, training for individuals and teams, with access to specialists [Add list of specialists here]

• Business & productivity improvement
• Sales, marketing, e-commerce (including social media) and logistics
• Workplace skills
• Leadership skills
• Individual resilience and wellbeing


We offer paid-for retainer to be available as a NED / Coach / Consultant on an ongoing basis


Tim HJ Rogers

A highly qualified and experienced individual who lead the transformation ‘privatisation’ of the Post Office and Ports of Jersey. Supported 4 businesses whose CEO subsequently won IoD Director of the Year. A government advisor, former Public Accounts Committee, and former Chair of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee. Participant in Jersey Policy Forum and lead consultant for Adapt Consulting.

Credentials include.
• MBA Qualified Management Consultant
• PRINCE2 Project Manager
• APMG Qualified Change Practitioner
• Tutor / Lecturer for the Chartered Management Institute
• ICF Trained Coach, IoD Business Mentor, NLP Practitioner
• Retained Data Protection Officer & Data Protection Support




This is what clients say…. Tim's style, manner and pragmatic approach has been very valuable. He has helped us to implement simple, yet robust project management processes and governance. His commercial knowledge combined with PRINCE2, Scrum, and Agile has been useful to create an approach which works for our business. His contribution will have a positive and lasting effect on the way we work as a team.

Tim Rogers completed the Incorporation Programme post implementation review, and attached is the final report closing down the project. The report demonstrates the project complexity, delivered and under budget, and huge success in achieving Incorporation of the Ports, something that many felt was unachievable when we started this journey.

From the outset Tim's style, manner and pragmatic approach distinguished him from other consultants. For one, he was deeply knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the topic and we had a real sense of being supported by someone with a clear focus on achieving our objectives. Tim was happy to adopt our chosen preference for one to one engagement and desire to address the detail of the practical implications. He was able to distil complex matters into readily understandable actions. Our lasting impression of Tim's work with us is one of ease of communication, total commitment and a reassuring knowledge of the subject matter.

“I have really enjoyed working with Tim for a few sessions. After the chaotic 2020 we have all experienced, the thoughts in my head felt like the insides of a tumble dryer. I knew I had the solutions for some of the challenges I was experiencing, I just couldn’t tease them out. Speaking with Tim helped me to unravel some of the strands of my thinking and follow them through to identify several potential options as well as talk through the role I play in each scenario. Having someone listen without judgement and ask inciteful questions was invaluable at the time that I needed it the most. I have recommended him to others.” [Anon. Manager, Education and Learning]

I found Tim's approach to mentoring extremely helpful in exporting ideas and thinking of solutions. Tim really helped me to identify the cause of a particular stumbling block I had, thus enabling me to address it and move forward. [Anon. Manager, Jersey Charity]

Tim's approach will always help you explore and reveal more options and solutions. Tim knows how to motivate and guide you to find and achieve your goals. His ideas and way of thinking are built to help you eliminate any challenges you might face. Happy to have worked with him and would warmly recommend to anyone. [Cosmin Saltan]

It’s great working with Tim, it took me a few sessions to understand that there was almost nothing he couldn’t help on. He’s encyclopaedic on concepts that aid all areas of working life. His ability to be a head of the conversation creates a clear and effective pathway for any idea or challenge that is presented to him. He helped me with understanding the potential of myself, improved how i communicate and manage information, whilst maintaining a deep integrity for detail and complexity. Like with all excellent educational experiences my first thought is, how I wish more people can access it. He’s helped specifically in two areas, to present a systems approach methodology to a governmental group, and to rationalise my ideas for a small food business that I am a director of. [IH 2020]

Tim Rogers independent and external view provided an excellent sounding-board and some practical challenges to the delivery of the IT Strategy and the development of the Service Delivery Plan and related Key Performance Indicators. What was particularly helpful was the use of a mentoring and collaborative style that kept us in the driving seat, but allowed us to call on Tim’s experience at strategic intervals. We believe this allowed is to achieve on 6 weeks what might otherwise have taken 6 months. [MO 2020]


We offer many resources from our experience as part of the UK IoD Mentor Programme and being a Rapid Response Mentor helping businesses 'Build Back Better' since early 2020.These are free for download at no cost.

Typically mentoring follows the following sequence

Step1 Understated the mentoring approaches and options

There are many different approaches to mentoring as there are outcomes and the aim is to identify the best for the Client. Typically the discussion may be about [1] personal management or leadership skills [2] goals, objectives and performance [3] personal or team development or processes. Consequently the approach may vary according to your needs and preferences.

Step2 The induction meeting and chemistry session

The idea of the induction meeting and chemistry session is to get to know each- other and broadly discuss the scope, aims, objectives and intended outcome from the mentoring. This is generally a 30 minute session and is free of charge.

Step3 The mentoring contract, terms and conditions

This follows Step 2 and formalises the mentoring arrangements, including duration, location, frequency etc. Where mentoring is funded by someone else (eg grant funding) this may also include meeting the sponsor(s) and understanding their scope, aims, objectives and the noting the confidentiality for the Client.

Step4 The mentoring sessions

Each session may be preceded by an appointment and possibly followed by a review. This may be a mentoring session of 30, 60 or 90 minutes. The mentoring session may be once only, weekly or monthly The appointment will be an email detailing the date, time, location and any relevant reference to previous sessions. It will also offer the opportunity to reflect on the previous session and agree the aim, scope and intended outcomes for the next session. It may also offer the opportunity to reflect on the previous session offering feedback on the format, content, output and outcomes.

Step5 The conclusion

The mentoring sessions will continue until the expiry of the mentoring contract or when the Client feels no more mentoring is required.

At the end of the mentoring sessions there will be a review against the original scope, aims, objectives and an assessment of the progress made, benefits and outcomes. For extended mentoring arrangements (over several sessions) there may also be a similar mid-point review.

Tim HJ Rogers
Helping start-ups build successful businesses and others pivot and build back better

MBA Management Consultant & Change Practitioner
ICF Trained Coach IoD Business Mentor
Retained Data Protection Officer & Data Protection Support
Mob 447797762051
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