Are you interested in FREE one-to-one coaching for personal growth and performance?

I am studying to become ICF Accredited coach. As part of the training I am required to demonstrate the ability to plan, deliver and review at least 18 hours of coaching and mentoring in the workplace. So I am looking for willing volunteers to be ‘guinea pigs’ for me as an experienced but not yet qualified coach.


How often: Three face-to-face coaching sessions, perhaps 2 – 6 weeks apart
Time: Typically, each coaching session will last 60 to 90 minutes
Location: The meetings will be arranged at a location convenient to you, or can be done using Skype, GoogleHangouts, Zoom or a variety of other video platforms.

The sort of things people typically bring along are – leadership skills, delegating work, improving communication, conflict, assertiveness, developing your career, influencing and time management. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

The job of the coach is to ask questions and to listen, guiding the coachee to draw on his or her resources and talents and to devise solutions for him or herself. Coaching is not about giving advice and your coach does not need to be an ‘expert’ in your area of work (in fact with pure coaching, it is often better if the coach is not an expert).

All the discussions will be anonymised and kept confidential


From the text below I hope you can see that I don’t just ‘talk’ but actually have the life experience of personal, athletic, business and change challenges. I know about mission, vision, aims, goals, tasks and habits. But I also have the experience of supporting others achieve either as a performance coach or project leader helping people and organisations achieve their goals either as athletes on the podium or CEOs winning the IoD Director of the Year.


There is a difference between Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting and Managing Change. At one extreme you have someone who will do the task for you at the other someone who expects you do to the task.

[1] project management (I will do the task for you)
[2] teaching (I will give you the tools, templates, training to do the task)
[3] to mentoring (you have the knowledge and I will support you with my experience and observation to identify and deliver the tasks)
[4] coaching (you are the expert and I am just a guide to allow reflection and thought and help you develop your own ideas and path)

I have done 1,2 and 3 so moving into role 4 is new for me. The advantage for candidates they have the benefit of someone who has all the other experience beyond pure coaching which may be useful a blend of project manager, consultant and coach when managing change.


So what is my experience in performance and personal and business change?

I left school with basic o-levels but through distance learning achieved an NVQ4, Certificate, NVQ5, and Diploma in Management before going on to an MBA (Management Consultancy), and Post-Grads in Law (EC Competition Law) and International Compliance. I am also a former Chartered Member of the British Computer Society.

I am an experienced athlete taking part in two Island Games and Commonwealth Games (2006) as a Triathlete and World Championships for Coastal Rowing, becoming GB Coastal Champion with rowing partner Ricky Rouille in 2017. I was Athletes Representative for the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and am also a qualified Personal Trainer and Level 2 Coach in Rowing.

Having learned the hard way (through distance learning) I am passionate about teaching and learning and a Tutor/Mentor for the Chartered Management Institute. I was founder of and then curator for TEDxStHelier.Com and participant in TEDGlobal in Geneva (2015)

I have had the good fortune to be an agent for business change being an APMG Change Practitioner, PRINCE2 Project Manager and Scrum Manager. Transformation projects include ‘commercailising’ the Post Office, Harbours and Airport from public-sector to private businesses.

I am also an advocate for social change and a former Chair for the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee and an independant member of the Public Accounts Committee


Tim is one of those people who sees the bigger picture and works on achieving his vision. He is also very good at including and motivating others.

Tim Rogers provided supplier management and practical support to the delivery teams to ensure delivery and quality. His commercial knowledge combined with practical project management was a key asset and the skills and experience shared with the team will have a lasting benefit for future projects.

Tim Rogers independent and external view provided an excellent sounding-board and some practical challenges to the Service Delivery Plan and related Key Performance Indicators. What was particularly helpful was the use of a coaching and collaborative style that kept us in the driving seat, but allowed us to call on Tim’s experience at key intervals. We believe this greatly accelerated progress.