Why Us?

Why do business with us? Why not someone else?

Passion, experience and areas of expertise

I am interested in how things work, the process. The process of being a Triathlete or Rower. The process of business change or improvement, weather that be through strategy, projects, change or coaching. This has led me to pursue things so that I fully understand and can practically use that information, in sport, in business, in coaching or social change.

The personal application of this is as follows
  • I deliver performance solutions previously in sport now in business and for community.
  • My sport performance background includes Triathlon (Commonwealth Games 2006) & Ironman (2006-2016) and Rowing (World Champs 2009, 2010, 2016), GB Champion Coastal Rowing (2017). I am also a coach and a team-player including having been Athletes’ Representative for the Jersey Commonwealth Games (2014).
  • My business background includes transforming public sector organisations into commercial businesses. I was responsible for the incorporation of the Post Office and Ports of Jersey. I am also expert in projects, processes and change. I was Operations Change and Sales Support Manager for NatWest and RBS International and more recently responsible for the Programme Office at CI Cooperative.
  • My community background includes being Lecturer & Trainer for Chartered Management Institute, Independent Non-Executive – Public Accounts Committee and Participant Jersey Policy Forum. I am also Former Chair of Pharmaceutical Benefits Committee

The professional application of this is as follows
  • Projects Programmes & Change Management
  • Governance, Policy, Process, Regulation and Compliance
  • Business and Process Analysis
  • Training and Development
  • Team Building, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Data Governance and Data Protection

Typical client

I suspect that my clients are busy people (mid-senior management) who want to get things done (projects, change, technology) and need someone to support and help. They want the expertise of KPMG, Deloitte, PWC without the price-tag and they want someone who is practical and actually “do stuff” rather than just shout advice from the side-lines. I suspect my practical and teaching/coaching is a vital part of helping people and organisation get things done. It is useful to distinguish between client (who chooses and pays for the service) and customer (who is the recipient of the service). Both are important but often have different needs.

I have focussed on commercial / retail and small businesses to avoid the competition from KPMG, Deloitte, PWC etc, who focus on big financial and are more attractive to the big firms who are buying brand and the senior partners’ profile rather than expertise (most of the work done by the big firms is done by less experienced people or even graduates working from a checklist!)

Coaching is a development, and extension of consulting and projects since it is also about helping identify, define and achieve goals. These clients appear to be the squeezed and stressed middle/senior management rather than the affluent executives.

In most cases clients know what they dont know, and are seeking to fill the gap. Example a retailer who is brilliant at retail, but not in complex IT delivery.

What I offer

If you need help with your projects or support for your people get in touch. As a Management Consultant & Change Practitioner + ICF Trained Coach IoD Business Mentor I am able to help people at each phase/stage from Strategy, Programme, Project or Task for projects and processes [Including PMO, PRINCE2, Scrum, Agile, Lean, Six-Sigma, ToC]

This list is not exhaustive
  • Consultant to help devise and document strategy, plans etc
  • Project / PMO to set-up governance, roles, goals, controls, and tools, templates and training for projects and/or business change.
  • Coach to help middle to senior management including sponsors and delivery teams with goals, process and performance improvement
  • Process expert to engage and facilitate business process and technology innovation
  • Facilitator to help with consultation and stakeholder management
  • Project Manager to organise and manage project delivery
  • Scrum Master to support team development: competence, capacity, drive and despite for projects and/or organisational change

I have all the expertise of PWC, KPMG and Deloitte for the price of a plumber! If I was a car they would be a Ferrari and I would be a VW Van smart, practical, versatile, adaptable and bring everyone with me.ferr

The key thing is that often when you bring in a consultant you need to bring in 5+ one for each discipline: HR, Business Analysis, Communications, Planning, Technology, Project Delivery, Contracts etc. I have experience in all these areas and can offer an integrated and coordinated approach to change.

At the very least I understand all these aspects enough to coordinate and communicate effectively.

When I am at my best

It has been suggested that I am at my best when I am helping the leaders lead, helping the change agents plan and manage the change. When I am supporting other people to excel, rather than doing the job myself. Possibly because that balances my passion to help (fast + detail) with their expertise and pace (slow + summary).

I offer very personal one-to-one service at an affordable rate. I am a friendly co-pilot rather than a flashy sales person or expensive and clever suit. See comments about being more like a VW Van or Swiss Army Knife.

My elevator pitch

I help people and organisations achieve their goals. I am the swiss army knife of getting things done.

I understand process and am very good at the design and management of processes necessary to get things done: Whether that is world class performance at rowing, business transformation of the public sector, post-acquisition integration or project / service development and launch.

What am I better at everyone else at?

I get the job done and the feedback is good.