List of Adapt Consulting / Thinking Feeling Being Products


Change Management Office

We offer a Change Management Office, similar to a Project Management Office, that supports the coordination, control, and reporting of change across projects or the entire business. This office aids change teams in delivering change while also monitoring and escalating issues. It supports communication, engagement, coordination of funding, and provides project or program assurance along with necessary reporting to management, leadership, and the board.


We provide comprehensive training in all aspects of change management. Our program effectively leverages components from the Chartered Management Institute at levels five and seven, covering the theory of change, practical case studies, and tools. These resources are essential for managers and leaders applying change management daily and managing people and teams through the process of change.


We offer facilitation services for organizations experiencing change. This can range from facilitating the entire change management project—from discussion and design to documentation and delivery—to supporting specific components of the change process and facilitating particular teams or aspects of the change program.


Project Management Office

We assist in operationalizing strategy through projects by creating a Project Management Office. This function coordinates, communicates, and controls reporting, feedback on projects, resources, and budgets across the organization. It extends beyond reporting to also enable training and development and support change managers in engaging with stakeholders and project participants.


We provide training on waterfall project management based around Prince2, agile scrum methodologies, and hybrid approaches that combine both. This training is adapted to the specific needs of any project or circumstance, offering a practical support system for managers and leaders through change. This approach provides better value and application than theoretical Prince2 courses, which are often too costly and impractical for specific organizational needs.


We offer facilitation services useful in defining business requirements, improving processes, enhancing productivity, and developing new products and services. Our facilitation approach acts as a neutral party, similar to Switzerland, and can be particularly beneficial in mediation situations where reconciling competing interests is required.


We provide coaching and mentoring to organizations, available as packages (e.g., five sessions) or as comprehensive programs (e.g., a 100-day coaching program). These services are available for individuals, teams, or the entire organization, focusing on personal skill development, project delivery, product development, or achieving organizational objectives. We also offer team coaching on the same basis.

We also host a two-day workshop on coaching and mentoring skills to help managers and leaders adopt these techniques as an alternative to traditional command-and-control management. Coaching and mentoring engage, innovate, and support the inclusion and participation of teams in both operational work and change delivery.


Alongside our Project Management Office (PMO) and Change Management Office (CMO), we offer culture consulting services. Our approach assists organizations in facilitating discussions and dialogues about cultural processes to ensure alignment between communications, policies, procedures, protocols, roles, rewards, development, and incentives. This alignment is aimed at maximizing organizational impact.
We utilize a variety of tools and practical approaches in our consulting, which is both collaborative and tailored to the specific needs of each organization. While our methods are customized, they are based on tried and trusted techniques, ensuring our solutions are substantial and effective in delivering measurable outcomes.

Tim HJ Rogers

Consult | CoCreate | Deliver

I help people, teams, and organizations set and achieve goals by supporting critical thinking and creating the resources and environment for success.

Credentials: MBA Management Consultant, BeTheBusiness Mentor, ICF Trained Coach, AMPG Change Practitioner, Prince2 Project Manager, Agile Scrum Master, First Aid for Mental Health, Certificate in Applied Therapeutic Skills, Mediation Practitioner, 4 x GB Gold Medalist.

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