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Tim is familiar with Waterfall (PRINCE2) and Agile (Scrum) delivery and happy to take the lead as Project Manager / Scrum Master or take a supportive role being there as an assistant / support / mentor to in-house resource(s).
Different organisations and cultures have divergent attitudes to governance. For example the public sector and contract-based project delivery tends to be more formal, documented with stricter application of roles, goals, controls, including delivery and payment methods. Smaller businesses with typically evolving requirements (product or service design and development) tend to take a more agile approach. I will work with the organisation to agree the approach that best suits the organisation, contract, people, goals and outcome.

Waterfall v Agile Summary:

Waterfall means plan everything up-front (deliverables, budget, roles, goals, controls, outputs and outcomes) than have a plan and follow it. Any deviation from the plan needs approval via Change Control, and is likely to have an impact on time, cost, or quality. The advantage is that if you know exactly what you want, and how to get it, you simply follow the “recipe” and you get consistent results every time.

Agile is more innovative and flexible, allowing you to work-out what you want as you progress, one chunk at a time, agreed every 2-4 weeks. There is no fixed budget or end-date, you simply keep going until you are happy to stop. This is the best approach for new products or services where you do not necessarily know everything before you start.

(Waterfall Projects)

The project manager is like a conductor of the orchestra, organising everything. The person responsible for developing, in conjunction with the Project Sponsor, a definition of the project. The Project Manager then ensures that the project is delivered on time, to budget and to the required quality standard (within agreed specifications). He/she ensures the project is effectively resourced and manages relationships with a wide range of groups (including all project contributors).

(Agile Projects)

The scrum master is like a music teacher, helping the team. He/she is responsible for ensuring that all processes are followed correctly. As a kind of moderator, they ensure that the team can communicate successfully, shields them from external disruptions, and helps with methodological issues. In short, their job is to eliminate obstacles preventing effective teamwork.

A Waterfall approach is good for the delivery of standard product or service which is known and understood, for example an Accounting System. An Agile approach is good for reviewing, tweaking, developing products, services and ways of working.

We can include further information comparing and contrasting Waterfall and Agile if that is useful, and we can use this as part of the discussion about governance and culture artefacts and expectations. We can also include a bullet list of tasks/role expectations for a Sponsor, Project Manager / Scrum Master so that we can decide how to divide responsibilities and what level of extra support (if any) is needed in any area.

This will allow the client to have a dial which they can turn up and get more active participation, action and support when and where needed or turn down if the in-house person or people are happy.

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I support people and teams to grow, perform and succeed unlocking potential as a partner Consultant, Coach, Project and Change Manager. Together we can deliver projects and change, and improve the confidence, capacity, drive and desire of the people we work with.

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