Blog no. 1: typical post-acquisition integration tasks to align businesses


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This is part of a 4 Blog series about Post-Acquisition Integration Tasks, and my experience working in public sector, finance and technology as a Project Manager, Programme Manager running a PMO and overall assisting in merging organizations.

1. Aligning Strategy: One of the first tasks in post-acquisition integration is aligning the strategies of the two organizations. This includes defining the vision, mission, and values of the combined organization, identifying overlapping or complementary products and services, and determining the target markets and customers.

2. Integrating Styles: It is important to ensure that the organizational cultures and leadership styles of the two organizations are aligned. This can involve identifying cultural differences and developing a plan to integrate the cultures of the two organizations, as well as defining the leadership style and communication approach for the new organization.

3. Assessing Skills: Post-acquisition integration also involves assessing the skills of the current workforce and identifying any gaps. This can involve developing a plan for training and development to address skill gaps, as well as creating a new organizational structure that aligns with the new strategy.

4. Contract and Services Alignment: It is important to review existing contracts and agreements and identify any overlapping or redundant contracts and services. This can involve negotiating new contracts and services that align with the new strategy.

5. Product and Support Alignment: The two organizations should assess the product and service offerings and identify any overlapping or complementary products and services. This can involve rationalizing product and service offerings, and determining the appropriate support and service levels for the new organization.

6. Process Alignment: Post-acquisition integration also involves identifying overlapping or redundant processes and developing a plan to streamline processes and eliminate redundancies. This can involve implementing new processes that align with the new strategy.

7. Staff and Role Alignment: Post-acquisition integration involves developing a plan for staffing the new organization and defining key roles and responsibilities in the new organization. This can involve defining job descriptions and performance metrics for new roles and communicating changes and new roles to the workforce.

8. System Alignment: It is important to assess existing IT systems and infrastructure and develop a plan to integrate and streamline IT systems. This can involve implementing new systems and technology that align with the new strategy, and ensuring that HR, IT, CRM, Files, Folders, and other systems are integrated and aligned.

In conclusion, post-acquisition integration involves several tasks to align the two finance businesses effectively. This includes aligning strategy, integrating styles, assessing skills, aligning contracts and services, aligning products and support, aligning processes, aligning staff and roles, and aligning systems. By following these tasks, the new organization can achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness, and competitiveness.

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