ADKAR: A Goal-Oriented Change Management Model

ADKAR: A Goal-Oriented Change Management Model by Prosci

Change is inevitable in the world of projects, and managing this change is critical to ensure the successful adoption of new initiatives, processes, and tools. Prosci’s ADKAR model offers a structured approach to facilitate this change, ensuring that individuals can transition smoothly from their current state to the desired future state. It consists of five sequential building blocks:

1. AwarenessWhy is the change necessary?
– Before individuals can change, they need to understand why change is needed.
– This step involves communicating the nature of the change, its implications, and the reasons behind it, be it external pressures, internal shifts, or opportunities for growth.

2. DesirePersonal motivation to support and participate in the change.
– Once aware, individuals need personal motivation to get involved.
– This phase is about fostering a positive attitude towards the change. It’s influenced by intrinsic motivation, understanding of the benefits, and the organizational culture.

3. KnowledgeHow to change?
– With motivation in place, individuals require information on how to change.
– This step includes training sessions, workshops, and other educational endeavors. It’s about equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge they need.

4. AbilityTransforming knowledge into action.
– Knowledge doesn’t always translate to ability. This phase ensures that the new skills and behaviors are implemented effectively.
– It may require practice, coaching, and feedback loops. It’s about ensuring individuals can utilize what they’ve learned.

5. ReinforcementMaking the change stick.
– Even after successfully implementing change, there’s a risk of reverting to old ways.
– This final step is about reinforcing the new behaviors and ensuring the change is sustainable. It includes recognizing and celebrating successes, providing ongoing support, and embedding the changes into the organization’s culture.

In the Context of Project and Change Management:

For project managers, the ADKAR model provides a roadmap to ensure that the technical side of a project aligns with the people side of the project. It underscores the fact that successful change isn’t just about introducing a new system or process, but also about ensuring that individuals can and will adopt it. By addressing each of the five elements, project managers can minimize resistance, maximize adoption, and ensure a smoother transition, leading to the successful realization of project goals.

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