Marketing and Comms – Content Marketing Model

I’m putting together a course specifically for charities and non-profits. This piece is part of a collection of materials that you can get as handouts, but I’ve also posted it online because even though it was made for the Building Value program, it could be useful for lots more people.

The Content Marketing Model is all about sharing cool, interesting, and useful stuff to grab people’s attention and keep them interested in what your charity or non-profit is doing. Instead of just saying “Hey, donate to us,” it’s more like telling stories, sharing facts, or making videos that get people to care about your cause naturally. Here’s how it works:

  1. Valuable Content: This means creating stuff that people actually find helpful or interesting. For a charity that helps with education, this could be tips for studying or stories about how education has changed someone’s life.
  2. Relevant Content: Your content should speak to the interests of the people you’re trying to reach. If your audience cares a lot about environmental issues, you might share updates on how climate change is affecting animals or tips on living more sustainably.
  3. Consistent Content: Keeping a regular schedule for posting your content helps people remember who you are and look forward to your next post, video, or story.

Example: Imagine a non-profit called “Green Future” that focuses on planting trees and educating people about the environment. Here’s how they might use content marketing:

  • Valuable Content: They post a blog series on the benefits of having more trees in urban areas, like cleaner air and cooler cities, which makes people understand and appreciate trees more.
  • Relevant Content: They share infographics on social media about how planting trees can fight climate change, targeting young people who are passionate about protecting the environment.
  • Consistent Content: Every week, they upload a new video or story showing their team planting trees in different communities, keeping their audience engaged and looking forward to seeing their progress.

By using the Content Marketing Model, “Green Future” doesn’t just ask for donations; they share engaging content that makes people want to be part of their mission. This approach helps them attract more supporters and keep them interested over time.